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Back to school - Guide

Back to school - Guide

Your children are about to embark on a whole new exciting school experience after summer holidays and tanking up family togetherness and slower days.

And one thing is for sure, that the first day of school is one of the most important childhood memories of all time. It is a big day!

Read our Nofred guide to be inspired before school starts.

Study light

Twirly Lamp is a great choice over the desk, for lighting up the study space.

Alternatively find the favourite reading corner and read with your child under the Twirly Lamp.
Make a creative space for small artists to work under the Twirly Lamp, be it painting, clay moulding or colouring. See our colouring pages, numbers and alphabet.

School desk

Mouse School Set is a perfect way for your 6-10 year old to make homework fun and let your child be near you in a busy everyday life.

It is a portable solution, easy to move around depending on where the child wants to sit while working our being creative, and so they can be close to you.
Homework together can be fun! So get ready and buy an extra Mouse Chair School, and let your child invite a friend over.

School bag-hook

Wall Bug is the child's own hook in the home. Place it in the hallway or bedroom so the children know where to hang their school bag daily.

We love when great design makes a difference in everyday family life and can last more than just one season!

Nofred'essentials for School start

  1. School bag, in different sizes and prints.
  2. Lunch box, in bamboo fiber, goodbye plastic!
  3. Drinking bottle, which retains the temperature for a long time.
  4. Pencil case, in your child's favourite colour.
  5. Clothing, to make a statement on that first day.
  6. Sneakers, for looking cool while running around all day.

Remember to start the day slowly

Many of us have children that will sit over their meal for a maximum of 10 minutes. And when school starts, breakfast has a whole new importance in our daily lives. Mouse Chair Junior is a great choice for the 3-9 year olds, inviting them to enjoy their own place at the table.

Start with a slow morning and fill those tummies before you get out in rush hour, to get the best first day at school!

For the school children

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