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Small architects

Are you looking for ideas on how to keep your children active?
Let your child become a small architect and teach them about shapes and sizes with our soft and colourful blocks - a great set for fun play and learning.

Let your imagination wander

When we let our children's own fantasy control the game - we see some of the world's best ideas come to life.
There is no doubt, that we believe children are the worlds best architects and engineers who comes up with crazy and impressive ideas while playing.
Our Cork Blocks are fun for the creative child in the age of 3 and up.

Safe learning

With hand-painted and soft Cork blocks we want children to learn while they are playing, whether it is shapes, constructions or colours.
The material is specifically chosen so no one hurts their feet or make dents in the floor, when the blocks are dropped ;)
 Creative Cork comes in an organic bag, so it easily can be packed away.

Share your tips and tricks

We would love to know how you are spending time with your children.
Share all the moments with us on facebook, Instagram and tag #nofredhome to inspire other mothers and children.

Kids Building Blocks 50€