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Less is more - Anna Baier

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Cool mum Anna Baier (34) lives in a small village in Austria with her three kids: A daughter (8y/o) and two sons (6 + 3y/o) and husband Peter.
She tells us how she is incorporating kids toys and furniture into her own interior style. See what she have done with the motto: "Less is more"...

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What do you love the most about being a mother?

What a question – that one really made me think.
Most importantly, I love to rediscover myself in my kids.
At the same time, I am learning heaps of new things through their own characters.
As a mother, I repeatedly grow beyond myself. That’s what I love about it.
Nothing stays the same.Every day as a mom is different, with all the ups and downs that come with it.

Describe a typical weekday in your family

Currently there are still holidays. Hence, nothing is “normal”.
However, we enjoy the freedom this time gives us.
Since both my husband and I are self-employed, we can divide our time quite variably. I don't know yet what it will look like in autumn.
It will be the first time that all children are out of the house in the morning.My youngest is going to start kindergarten. Let’s see how this new situation makes me feel..

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What do you find to be a daily struggle as a mother?

That always depends on my own daily state of mind.

What’s your routine for getting your children to bed in the evening?

We read a book in bed together, cuddle and chat about the day. I or my husband “cuddle to sleep” our youngest.

How do you decorate your home?

It is important tome that everyday objects are pretty.

So really everything has to be an element of beauty:
the washing-up brush, the tea towels -yes, even the toothbrushes.

So it doesn't need a lot of decoration apart from that.

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Do you include your children in your all rooms of the home?

On the ground floor there are a couple of nice baskets with toys for the kids. But that's pretty much it. Each of the children has their own room –this is where they play extensively.

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Do your children have their own play area?

Each of the children has their own room.

How do you feel about all the stuff that comes with children?

Here I stick to a basic motto: less is more. In general, that works pretty well. In addition, everything has to have a place –buzzword: storage space! In this way, unmanageable disorder cannot arise in the first place.


Name one thing your children do that always makes you laugh?

My youngest son loves to change his outfit every hour. On the one hand, it drives me crazy. On the other hand,I know it's just a phase. Additionally, his proud grin when he can present a new T-shirt from his closet is simply adorable.

Which child friendly snacks do you always have in the fridge?


What is your children’s favourite meal?

Papa's pizza. Mom's pancakes.

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How do you balance being a mother and working at the same time?

Because I am self-employed and my youngest has mostly stayed at home so far, it only worked with me working in the evening. Good time-management is essential. In addition, my weekly meal plan is indispensable. To be fair, Spaghetti with ready-made sauce has also been my savior in times of need.

What would you do if you had a full day off from parenting?

I would probably clean the house. Or I’d paint walls, maybe even go up a mountain. Or I’ll just do some shopping. No matter what I did, I am sure it would feel like a vacation

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What are your 3 favourite Nofred products and why?

Mouse Bench - so versatile and incredibly cute!!
Mouse School Set - simply beautiful and the height of the chair and table is great.
Leaf Blanket - great for babies!

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