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Love the little moments of togetherness - Ella

Designer and cool mum Ella, 35, lives in Munich, Germany with her husband and their two children: T (4 years) and O (3 years) - and of course their cat called Lemonade.

What do you love the most about being a mother?

I love all the love. Love watching my kids grow and (re)discover the world through their eyes.

Describe a typical weekday in your family:

My hubby and I work full time. So, a typical day starts with a family breakfast and getting everyone ready for day care and work. When I can, I leave the office earlier and we go to a park to feed ducks, eat ice cream or do whatever we feel like. We usually have a family dinner by 6pm. Then it’s almost time for the kids to go to bed.

What do you find to be a daily struggle as a mother?

Constant prioritizing, as you just can’t squeeze in into 24 hours all you have/want/need to do.

What’s your routine for getting your child/children to bed in the evening (best tricks)?

Luckily, our kids are uncomplicated when it comes to bedtime.
They go to bed when they are tired, which is by 7pm on a usual day.
I do the dressing and teeth brushing routine while we chat a bit about the day and if they have some wishes or plans for the next day.My hubby always reads a good night story to them after that.

How do you decorate your home?

My hubby and I, both architects (I went on a different path lately, though), are obsessed about interior and, well, architecture of course. Our thing is definitely adding a splash of color by painting the walls (from blackish green to burnt rose you’ll find quite a broad palette in our home) or installing a wallpaper.
When it comes to furniture, I try to keep it neutral in white and wooden tones. Love mixing design classics like Vitra with contemporary pieces or some basics from Ikea. Always adding into the mix some framed prints and drawings from our kids.

Do you include your children in all rooms of the home?

Yes. Although our bedroom is the only room, where you won’t find any kids’ toys or other stuff scattered or stashed somewhere.

Do your children have their own play area?

In their room, and the living room. As we have a joined kitchen, dining and living room, I can always watch them play while I’m cooking or working.Their play area includes a play kitchen, desk and chairs. We also have a canvas tent that kids can put up, when they need a little dreamy hideaway space.
We kept everything in calm and neutral tones, so we as grown-ups can enjoy the aesthetics too.

How do you feel about all the stuff that comes with children?

I’m not a minimalist, but not a huge fan of crowded spaces either. So, I try to limit the amount of things we buy or get as gifts for our kids. Usually when a new toy or book comes in, we donate or sell one of the older ones.

Name one thing your child/children do that always makes you laugh?

Probably their little spelling mistakes and the words they create to describe something they don’t know yet.

Kid's room

Which child friendly snacks do you always have in the fridge?

Our kids are huge fans of apples and all kinds of berries. We always have those in our kitchen.

What is your children’s favourite meal?

T is such a picky eater and if I would let him choose what comes on the table that would be pizza or pasta (without sauce!) every day. O is pretty opposite and quite adventurous about trying out new stuff. She even loves broccoli.

How do you balance being a mother and working at the same time?

Love being able to follow my passion working as a designer and having a family. But, let’s be honest, juggling two small kids and a full time job can be tough at times.My hubby and I share all the chores at home and being there for our kids. Which is the main reason why this works. I go running or do yoga three-four times a week. Those couple of hours to recharge help me stay balanced and calm no matter what the day throws my way.

What is your best holiday memory with your child/children?

We travel quite a lot on holidays. As I grew up at the seaside, we usually go somewhere near the sea or ocean. I cherish every single one of those memories - running with bare feet on the beach, listening to the waves, seeing kids being carefree, living the slow life.

What things do you feel is important to do with your children before they one day move away from home?

I don’t have a particular list. Just want them to feel loved and safe, and that they know, they can come back home anytime they have or want to.

What is your favourite thing to do as a family?

Feeding the ducks in the park. Baking chocolate cakes (with sprinkles!). Doing “artsy” stuff like drawing or tinkering. All those little moments of “togetherness”.

What do you miss the most from your life before children?

Sleep, obviously.

What would you do if you had a full day off from parenting?

Probably sleep in and do a massive clean-up.

What are your 3 favourite Nofred products and why?

We love the chairs from the Mouse series and have them in all three sizes. The timeless design of the chairs fits perfectly into our home. The Harbour House is one of our favorites too.

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