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I love to see the bond between my children - Lauriane

Art director

For the past two years, French Lauriane Bueb has been living in beautiful Amsterdam. Here she juggles two small children and a career as an art director. We’re absolutely crazy about Lauriane’s brilliant style, a blend of fine French sensibility and Nordic minimalism.

Describe a typical weekday in your family.

In the morning, everything goes so fast! After breakfast we prepare the children for school and day care. The game for four-year-old Léon is to dress faster than his sister (who is only one - obviously too small to dress alone!).
He’s very independent and it's great. We live in Amsterdam, where we have a cargo bike (called a Bakfiets) instead of a car to transport the children.

Do you have any constant struggles?

Meals. Either it's something the children don’t like, they’re too tired, or they’d prefer to play. Especially Léon!

What’s your routine for getting two small children to bed in the evening?

We’re very lucky because the children go to bed early and easily, 7 pm for Brune and 7:30 pm for Léon. They share the same room, and Léon needs his sister present to fall asleep.

How are your nights?

Never the same! Léon sleeps very well. Sometimes he wakes up because of a bad dream, but it's rare. Brune took a long time to sleep well, which wasn’t easy for her or for us. But now it's ok, except when she catches a virus from daycare!

How do you decorate your home?

I love neutral tones. I like pretty things, quality objects, and beautiful materials. In the children’s room, all of the furniture is made of wood. It’s so cosy!

What are your favourite Nofred products?

The Mouse series from Nofred! The quality is amazing, and I really love the design. I have the Mouse Chair & Table, and they’re a perfect match for the rest of the children’s room. The little Mouse Bench is in the hallway, and Léon uses it every day when putting on his shoes.

Do your children have their own play area?

Most Amsterdam apartments are spread over several floors. At our home, the bedrooms are downstairs, and the stairs are secured. In the living room, each child has a play space with toys, books, and things to paint and colour with. I let the children mess up the place during daytime, and then I tidy everything in the evening.

How do you feel about all the stuff that comes with children?

I must admit that I don't really like clutter. This feeling isn’t compatible with children, I know! I try to let the mess be, but it's not easy when I feel most at ease in a tidy, neat home. So I tidy up little by little, and I teach tidying up to my children—for example, when Léon wants to change from one activity to another, he has to try to tidy up before.

What is the best part about being a mother of two?

Twice as much love! I love to see the bond between my children. They are very close and play a lot together.

What is the most challenging part?

Having to think of everything, not forgetting anything.

How is your work/life balance?

I've been freelancing since Léon was born four years ago. It's great, because it allows me to spend time with my children and organize my work schedule around school and day care schedules. I work partly from home and partly from the office I share with my husband.

Do you have any house rules you want your children to live by?

Respect the house, take care of your things, tidy up as you go along. And always be kind to Mimi, the cat!

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