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A cozy feeling is my kind - Paulina Kouleli

Attorney at law

Paulina Kouleli, works as an attorney at law, mother of George almost 4 years old, and pregnant with a baby boy (due as we speak). They live in Komotini, in the North Greece, near both countryside and the sea.

Describe a typical weekday in your family:

With COVID and closed schools George and I spent the days together!
He wakes up early in the morning, eats quickly and after then his question is “what do you want to play with?”!

Playing, making crafts and eating healthy snacks all day is our everyday program! He helps me in the kitchen, too! Loves to prepare his own healthy plate!

Do you have any constant struggles?

George doesn’t take a nap in the middle of the day and since I’m pregnant I don’t have time to relax for a while.

What’s your routine for getting George to bed in the evening?

Since he wakes up early, he sleeps early too, at 8.00pm. A light meal, pyjamas, brush his teeth, storytelling and ...sweet dreams!

How are your nights?

In general, our nights are good. Rarely he wakes up and wants me to hold his hand until he falls asleep again.
I enjoy this period before the baby, that I can sleep a lot at nights!

How do you decorate your home?

I love bright colors! Beige is my favorite lately and pairs too good with wood which is the basic material in all of the house!
Now with a toddler and soon with a baby too, I prefer frames on the walls and minimal decorative items. Simple but interesting decoration with a cozy feeling is just my kind.

What are your favourite Nofred products?

My fav products are the Mouse table and chairs! George enjoys drawing in his “office” as he says! Wall hangers are very practical but also, very stylish for the kids room! I’m looking forward to put the loft lamp in place too and then George can decorate it with the magnetic stars and moon!

Do your children have their own play area?

We are lucky that the kids room has a lot of space for toys and books! George plays mainly in his room, but toys are all over the house!

How do you feel about all the stuff that comes with children?

That’s a true story. I hate walking on legos, small wooden toys, pieces of puzzles or books. So I help George to tidy up when he wants to play with something else! But... when you have toddlers, not every day is the same and all the kids stuff is out. I try to relax and tidy up at the end of the day!

What is the best part about being a mother of two?

My heart is full of love! George is waiting for his baby brother and that makes me feel beyond happy!

What is the most challenging part?

I have to stay sharp all day. And night.

How is your work/life balance?

Good in all, I work on my own pace since I am a freelancer. When children are older I could work more hours a day. So, I enjoy motherhood and spend quality time with my family while I can work fewer hours.

Do you have any house rules you want your children to live by?

Be quiet at noon, respect each other, be kind and don’t throw away their toys!

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