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In that moment, all exhaustion dissappears - Stephanie

Freelance marketer, photographer & co-owner of Belle-Soeur

With an MSc (Econ.) in Communications Management, Mother Stephanie Bach (33) found her passion both in her freelance work in photography and marketing but also as co-owner of Belle-Soeur. On top of being a hard-working business woman she is also a mother to two boys Walter (4) and Holger (2), whose love for each other is extraordinary (and hard-work ;)).

The perfect Sunday scenario with two small children?

Both boys sleep until 7:30. My husband has been at the bakery with Walter and made a breakfast table. The rest of the morning is spent on the playground. Lunch and afternoon nap for Holger in the garden with the family, followed by a Sunday roast.

The hardest part about having two children?

The lack of sleep and nights with the kids, when they wake up several times. You are available 24/7, and we have learned, that the fact that the boys are born close to each other doesn’t make it easier. It’s been damn hard for the first two years!

What is the best thing about having two children?

Watching them interact. For example, when Walter asks Holger “do you wanna hold hands?” And then they grab each other’s tiny hands. In that moment, all exhaustion disappears!

What is your favourite Nofred product?

Mouse Bench in Oak. That was the first piece of furniture I bought, when I found out we were having a little brother. I couldn’t resist the thought of both of my boys sitting there, next to each

Is it demanding making all the kiddie-thingamajigs part of the home décor?

I try, as far as possible, to integrate their things in our home décor. But I don’t always compromise. If it is something that cannot be put away, then I want to be able to enjoy looking at it.

Do you clean up every night, or do you embrace the children’s mess?

The boys drag cars, animals, and all sorts of things around with them inside the entire apartment, so we have to tidy up every evening! But I still think it’s messy.

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