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Sail towards distant shores

red sailboat

Sail to the land of your dreams together with your child, and keep the dream alive in your imagination.
While we can't always travel to new distant shores, we can still use our imagination.
Harbour Boat - teaches your child the lands of the world, with sail ready to leave port.
Download the Atlas below for free and sail your Harbour Boat into the harbour you would like to visit today.

kids atlas
shelf with toys

Time to get creative

Our wooden Boat - Harbor Boat is created to be a solid toy boat that your child can play with.
Let them invite their small figures on a journey across the oceans (probably your rugs and carpets in your home).
When not being played with, it decorates your child's room in a classic way.
It is a quality toy that lasts and can travel with you to most places.

kid with sailboat

Harbour Boat 20€