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“It was chaos this morning”

“It was chaos this morning”

Anne Birkkjær


Anne Birkkjær (30) not only owns the gorgeous children's store Lille Svend KBH, is Influencer and mother of two adorable children; Bille (4) and Pil (1½). With a busy schedule Anne loves cuddling with her children and spending time at home, even when it is chaotic.

Pil & Bille out exploring
Bille & Pil in their home in Copenhagen
What is the best thing about having two children?
Seeing them explore the world, just the two of them.
The best thing about autumn?
That the cold and the wind makes us move closer together.
Your favourite books and movies right now?
The Danish children’s author Martin Strid's ‘The giant pear’ is on repeat.
What is your favourite Nofred product?
Creative Cork Village-blocks which we use to build towers, play bowling and much more.
Anne's favourite Nofred set, Creative Cork
Mornings with two children: Chaos or paradise?
Both. This morning it was chaos, but it ended with two happy children on their way to the nursery and kindergarten.
Family Mornings
Your children’s favourite activity on a rainy day?
We unfold the sofa bed and cuddle with blankets, movies, snacks and books.
City home

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