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Who: Anne Birkkjær, 30, influencer (@annebirkkjaerand owner of Lille Svend KBH
Children: Bille, 4 years and Pil, 1 ½ years. 
Place of residence: Copenhagen, Denmark


Q: What is the best thing about having two children?
A: Seeing them explore the world, just the two of them.
Q: And the most challenging?
A: Not always being able to meet their individual needs at the same time.
Q: Favourite indoor family-activity?
A: We are drawing a lot at the moment.
Q: The best thing about autumn?
A: That the cold and the wind makes us move closer together
Q: Your favourite books and movies right now?
A: The Danish children’s author Martin Strids’ ‘The giant peach’ is on repeat.
Q: Your children’s favourite activity on a rainy day?
A: We unfold the sofa bed and cuddle with blankets, movies, snacks and books.
Q: What is your favourite Nofred product?
A: Creative Cork Village-block which we use to build towers, play bowling and much more.
Q: Mornings with two children: Chaos or paradise?
A: Both. This morning it was chaos, but it ended with two happy children on their way to the nursery and kindergarten.

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