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Our Favourite Spot

Need a spot to lay on?
Our organic Leaf Blanket is designed as a over sized Leaf that invites the child to play or lay down on.

A versatile place

Use it for years to come.
In the beginning as a baby blanket, then the simple and elegant design, lets it grow with your child. When your toddler wants to play or learn how to roll, they want something soft to lie on.
A school child will use it as a floor spot for television and books or a bed spread.

Bring nature inside

We are all connected to the nature.
Our Leaf Blankets are designed for children to be recognizable and remind them about outdoor life even when they are inside.
The organic cotton makes it a warm spot.

Share your tips and tricks

We would love to know how you are spending time with your children.
Share all the moments with us on facebook, Instagram and tag #nofredhome to inspire other mothers and children.

Leaf Blanket 95€