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The little set

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Mouse Chair & Table adds a valuable space for you and your child.
You know the stress before your guests arrive, where you are running around the house trying to hide the children’s toys in cabinets or under the couch to make the house look clean and tidy?  

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A space to stay

In 2016 when we designed our Mouse Chair and Mouse Table, we wanted a little toddler spot that created value in a busy everyday life.
A space in the home that allowed the children to be close by, while you didn't have to pack it away when guests arrived or after the children went to bed.

Togetherness at home

Today the Mouse Chair and Mouse Table are bestsellers, and a big part of the everyday life in many families. And supports the feeling of togetherness we all enjoy, when our small ones are playing near us.
This little set for 2-5 year olds will follow your child up to school age and can be reused for the little brother or sister afterwards.
That is our dream, so we can help each other towards a more sustainable culture.

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Share your tips and tricks

We would love to know how you are spending time with your children.
Share all the moments with us on facebook, Instagram and tag #nofredhome to inspire other mothers and children.

Mouse Chair 188€ & Mouse Table 215€