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Our new mirror invites to play

mirror on wall

With our new children’s mirror, Portal Mirror, you can create an intimate space for your child for magic and secrets!
Because your child’s imagination really have no limitations.
And the interior products you pick out for your child should reflect that in a beautiful and elegant way.

kid with mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall

By hanging in the hallway, in the playroom, bathroom or even creating a little child’s corner in the living room, your child will see themselves, while the frame provides a stage for playing or lining up favourite toys, postcards, or sunglasses.
And that is basically the whole philosophy behind Nofred; to make space for children in every room!
Mirroring helps create a sense of identity and self-recognition.

A robust choice

This is the first design of the co-lab between critically acclaimed Norwegian design duo Anderssen & Voll and Nofred.
And it is inspired by their playful childhood and based on a functional approach to design.You can read all about the co-lab.

“Children seek patterns and repetition. They look for symmetry. They look for objects to mediate their imagination. A mirror could turn into a scene or a house.”

Designers Anderssen & Voll

mirror with storage
mirror on the wall
giraffe on mirror

5 facts

1. Elegant hand-bended steel frame.
2. More than a mirror: a functional design element, thanks to the hooks and shelf
3. Robust and practical, with a solid wood base and small hooks
4. Safety glass.
5. Design developed in collaboration with the cool Norwegian design studio Anderssen & Voll

"But even though speaks to the child in a playful manner it still meets the aesthetically appeals of you! With its steel frame and ash wood shelf with matte PU lacquer, is a sturdy choice for your child!"

Designers Anderssen & Voll


Portal Mirror 80€