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Retailer Chat // Gemma

Retailer Chat // Gemma




... a fun and interesting chat with some of the people we work with and are inspired by every day. Namely our retailers.  

Meet Gemma, mother of two, architect, and owner of Toc Toc - a studio located in the heart of Madrid, Spain. Her story as a successful entrepreneur, her business concepts and how she tackles family life at the same time makes a truly inspiring read.




Tell us a little about yourself ... 

While working as an architect, I fell pregnant with our first child. This inspired a big interest for kids décor. A world which up until then I didn´t know much about. Today a large part of my working life is dedicated to, and we are now a family of 4!

What is the concept of Toc Toc?

The creation of TOC TOC Kids came about when the news of becoming parents changed our lives. As architects, we have always had a passion for design. Back then, we were unable to purchase kids designer furniture and decor in Spain. So, we decided to create it ourselves!

As we are passionate about design and the beauty of objects, TOC TOC Kids only includes designer brands, mostly from Scandinavia and Northern Europe. We are now an online shop, a physical store, and have also expanded our philosophy to homes in general with the creation of TOC TOC Living.

Last but not least, our award-winning online interior design service for both kids rooms and the home has enabled us to create beautiful spaces all over Spain. With our 100% online service, we can offer very innovative and accessible 3D interior design projects without us having to go to the space physically.

How do you interact with your customers?

Our customers at TOC TOC Kids are mainly mothers and fathers looking for more than functionality. They are looking for kids furniture, decor, toys and accessories that are beautifully made and have the best quality that their children deserve.

We strive to maintain a constant dialogue with them through our owned media channels. We are also very personal in the customer care service we provide. At Toc Toc you are not calling to speak to a company, but to the people. We will always try to be as flexible as possible. We also love the interaction we have with customers who are able to visit us at the shop!

How would you describe your home?

It is a small home with lots of light and close to the beach. It breathes design and the tranquillity of living in a small village.
How do you manage your career and being a mother?

We do what we can. It is hard to manage family life and the long working hours in Spain... you always have this sensation that you can't be on top of everything!

What have you learned the most about becoming a Mother?

I have learned to love to infinity and beyond.

What is your idea of fun times with your kids?

Getting fits of giggles tickling each other in bed!

What is the ideal place you’ve travelled as a family?

A small barn in the mountain!

How do you best enjoy your ‘mother alone’ time?

With a busy life, I’m not sure what that is!

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