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”We both recently became fathers”

”We both recently became fathers”

Design duo Anderssen & Voll team up with Nofred and for the first time creates design for children. 

Nofred creates furniture and designs for children that enable a presence and closeness in the modern family. Every product is made so it is equally appreciated by children and adults and has the ability and quality to blend in with the overall interior of the home – making the children feel welcome in every room.


“This is the first time we are working with children’s design. We both recently became fathers; so creating objects for children has become relevant. And you want to create something you can see being used in your own home and together with your kids”, says Thorbjørn Andersen from Anderssen & Voll.


The first designs of the co-lab with Nofred are a narrative mirror, and a decorative hook, . Both perfect for creating a dedicated area in the hallway making the children feel seen and welcome. But also applicable other places in the home, like the bathroom or the children’s room. Besides the clear function of both and they can within the imagination of the child turn into anything. There is no limit.

“Children seek patterns and repetition. They look for symmetry. They look for objects to mediate their imagination. A mirror could turn into a scene or a house. A wall hook could turn into a flower bud or a wall bug”, says Anderssen & Voll, who have won several design awards through the years. 


Because of the timeless design, impeccable quality and superior craftsmanship each piece is created to last for generations supporting a more sustainable culture.

“We believe in promoting presence and togetherness in a modern and fast-paced world with furniture that brings the children into the family room”, says Signe Holst owner at Nofred. 

The new designs were presented for the world press during Maison&Objet in Paris, September 6-10, 2019. 

“A good design for children is something you can keep around even after your kid grows up”, says Espen Voll from Anderssen & Voll. 

Want to learn more on the co-lab with Anderssen & Voll? Take a look here:

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