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Harbour House


Kids doll's house 

Harbour House is a beautiful doll's house in an architecturally, modern design, that pleases the eye and simultaneously frames a home to the little figurines and other toys your child already has.

It is designed with the philosophy that children can use the figures and small animals that they already have, to support a more sustainable culture.

A portable wooden dollhouse that perfectly fits into the living room, kids room or a kids corner and will give your child a feeling of inclusion.

  • Hours of play for your child
  • Crafted with sustainable materials
  • A future classic for every home
  • Birthdays or baby showers; the house is an excellent present for all occasions.

The idea behind the design of the Harbour House is to play with and give a home to figures and toys that children already have. The house loved by all invites your child to play freely as well as fitting perfectly into all children’s rooms with its architectural and modern design. Kind on the parents’ eyes, when placed in the living room. 

Nofred is a long-term investment in your children's play and environment and we strive to move away from a throw-away culture. 

Harbour House won a silver medal in the category "Best Interiors Decoration Design" at Junior Design Awards 2019

/Danish Design by Nofred

AGE 3+ years

MEASUREMENTS W:34 x H:39.3 x D:23.5 cm
WEIGHT 3.8 kg 

MATERIAL MDF painted with eco-friendly, non-toxic paint.

CARE Hand wash in mild soap only. Don’t use products containing ammonia. 

EUROPEAN HIGHEST SAFETY STANDARDS  EN 71-1:2014(excl. Clause 7.1 & 7.2, EN 71-2:2011+A1:2014, EN71 PART 3:2013+A1:2014, EN71-9:2005