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Dänisches Design
Dänisches Design
Come, Go & Have Fun

Come, Go & Have Fun

Does leaving the home often become a conflict zone for your family?
Let's fill the exit of the home with learning, play and laughter. Yeah!

We have designed three products that will change your hallway and everyday life for your children;  Mouse Bench, Wall Bug and Portal Mirror.


Are you tired of having small jackets, caps and hats thrown all over the floor? Add Wall Bug to your hallway now!

With six pegs to hang the entire outfit, Wall Bug is an excellent choice for your child. It creates a welcoming space in your home for your children who are going in and out of the door all day.

See colourways here


Invite your children to try to tie their own shoelaces or tidy their own shoes away under the Mouse Bench. Simply place the Mouse Bench in your hallway or by your door, and you will see a new little gathering space in the home.

See colourways here


How many times during an ordinary day is your family leaving and entering the home? The hallway is a space for hello and goodbye kisses many times a day. Make it more versatile and create a space for all of you to be together.  

Take a look at some designs and products that have inspired us.


Add the beautiful Portal Mirror, to place sunnies and you child's findings of the day. Here your child can see themself smile on the way in and out of the door.
A spot in the hallway that fits every home, and invites the child into the adult space and makes it fun. Win-win for everybody!

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