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Dänisches Design
Dänisches Design
Fun with homeschooling

Fun with homeschooling

We are thinking of you, and the parents who, at the moment, are juggling work and homeschooling at the same time. How do you manage?

A little helping hand could be a space that your child can call their own, a space that can be moved from room to room, a space for both serious and fun business!


Many children like a space to be creative, to play solitaire, or to do their homework.
The Mouse School Set is a great chair and table combination to add anywhere in the home for your 6-10-year-old child to be close by you.

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Mouse School set will create value for the whole family.
We know children love to have a nice work station for all the things they enjoy; pens, pencils, paper, colouring books, puzzles, card games, Lego, or whichever else could take their fancy ...

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We would love to know how you're spending the time home with your children.

Are you working full days next to your children? Do your children enjoy the stay at home time? Are your children doing the work they should for school? How are you keeping positive? Are you finding homeschooling really hard work? Maybe you have children of very different ages, how do you entertain two ... or more? How do you fill the day with activities for your child?

Share all the moments with us on facebook, Instagram and tag #nofredhome to inspire other mothers and children.

We are in this together ...



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