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Retailer Chat // Anne

Retailer Chat // Anne

... a fun and interesting chat with some of the people we work with and are inspired by every day. Namely our retailers.  

Meet Anne, wonder-mom, traveller and owner of Pop-line - a concept store in France. Mentioned by Magazines such as Milk and Elle, her genuine commitment to introducing young brands and designers to the French market has indeed paid off. 



Tell us a little about yourself ... 
I am Anne, 48. I have been married for 15 years and have two children: a girl, Eugénie, and a boy, Gauthier. 

After 3 years of College of Modern Literature, I entered a company to take care of their newspaper... I integrated myself into the research department and became an expert in traffic regulation to improve and streamline traffic in around the world. This experience resulted in a lot of travelling including Mexico, Argentina, Morocco, Portugal. Then I got pregnant with my first child Gauthier. Since my husband did not work in the same city and was also travelling, I decided to leave my job after my second child. That's when I created Pop-line ... The concept-store for spoiled kids!

What is the concept of Pop-line?
The initial idea was to create a concept store for children and introduce young designers and brands, which weren’t introduced in France yet. 

How do you interact with your customers?
My clientele is quite diverse and doesn't fit a typical profile, which I am very happy about!

I have made myself known through magazines and blogs, but I use the main social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to keep a positive interaction with my customers. 

How would you describe your home?
10 years ago when we decided to create and build our own home, our biggest wish was to give the kids and us a life close to nature. It has a contemporary style, made entirely out of wood and large bay windows overlooking a beautiful rolling countryside, that never cease to amaze us! 
How do you manage your career and being a mother?

I prioritise my two children, and am lucky to be able to organize my work around their schedules ... or as I am a “superhero”, I use my superpowers to multiply myself, so I can do everything at the same time ...only, it's impossible as everyone knows! 

What have you learned the most about becoming a Mother?
What I have learned the most is the meaning of the word Love… the one we read about in all those beautiful stories. Becoming a mother transformed my life with my beloved little ones making me feel like a wonder woman every day !!!
What is your idea of fun times with your kids?
Walks in the forest, reading (but nothing too intelligent), manual activities (DIY) and cooking… the children love our time together, this is what creates the story of our family.

What is the ideal place you’ve travelled as a family?
In the South-West of France, by the Atlantic ocean, on the Arcachon bay where my grandparents have a house. I have spent every vacation there as a kid, and it feels like I am sharing a part of childhood with my children… it’s magical!

How do you best enjoy your ‘mother alone’ time?
I share my rare moments alone with my longtime girlfriends, who I don’t see often enough since, as we all know it, Wonder-moms can only use their powers for their family life.

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