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Dänisches Design
Retailer Chat // Margriet

Retailer Chat // Margriet

... a fun and interesting chat with some of the people we work with and are inspired by every day. Namely our retailers.  

Meet Margriet, mother of two, owner of Lidor and this week’s exclusive launching partner of Harbour Boat. Read about her impressing life as an entrepreneur travelling between her two homes in France and The Netherlands while enjoying family life.

Tell us a little about yourself ... 

I'm an entrepreneur always full of ideas and fond of everything beautiful.

What is the concept of Lidor?

We work with upcoming brands we carefully select from all over the world. This is to create a store with plenty of discoveries for both kids and mums.

How do you interact with your customers?

Our customers are everyone from bohemian to modern. We’re an online store with a lot of interaction with our customers through mail, phone and social media. In November we were given the super fun opportunity to meet some of them for real. With our new showroom, our customers can come by and get a feeling of the entire universe.
How would you describe your home?

We live in an apartment in the busy city centre of Paris and in a countryside farmhouse in The Netherlands. Both homes are very old with pane windows, old wooden beams, lots of daylight and character.

How do you manage your career and being a mother?

Combining kids and the company is all about juggling for me. Luckily, I’m surrounded by a great team, that allows me to spend time with my kids every day after school.
What have you learned the most about becoming a Mother?

You’ll get to know yourself and your partner even better! Looking at your kids sometimes feels like looking in the mirror, there are so many things in their behaviour you can recognise from yourself.
What is your idea of fun times with your kids?

My idea of fun times with my kids is the simple things like buying an ice-cream or a cream puff downtown, drawing and painting together, going to the bakery Sunday morning for fresh croissants and taking a bath together.
What is the ideal place you’ve travelled as a family?

Our best holiday together was our winter holiday in Italy last year in a lovely hotel with a good pool, spa and delicious food. We didn’t go skiing, because the kids are still too young. Instead, we went for sleigh rides from skihut to skihut, enjoying the snow and seeing the amazing landscapes.

How do you best enjoy your ‘mother alone’ time?

Honestly, there’s not much “mother alone” time left. At the moment, it’s Lidor and the kids, so I really enjoy spending time and being with them whenever I can.


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