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Dänisches Design
Dänisches Design


  • We love to create
    August 28, 2020

    We love to create

    Interior stylist and cool mum Vivian, 34, knows how to live her life to the fullest. Even when some things like a neat home clear of unused toys, can become wishful thinking. With 2 young daughters, her husband Mark, 10 chickens, Wyp the dog, Lot the cat and her own company - her life in the Netherlands' beautiful countryside are filled with love and morning trips to the lake.
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  • Develop new skills
    August 7, 2020

    Develop new skills

    Meet Linda, she takes beautiful photographs and makes lovely food. She owns and operates her own food blog. She lives in Mosfellsbær, a small town near Reykjavík, with her two children, Róbert 7, Birta 9 months and her husband Ragnar. Please meet the cool mum, Linda here.
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  • Seeing through their eyes
    Juni 19, 2020

    Seeing through their eyes

    Meet the mum, who has a master in Danish and Event culture, lives in a stunning house from 1919 and has mastered the task of creating a dinner everyone will enjoy - even the adorable twins.
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  • I love to see the bond between my children
    Mai 29, 2020

    I love to see the bond between my children

    Lauriane Bueb ART DIRECTOR @lauriane.bueb For the past two years, French Lauriane Bueb has been living in beautiful Amsterdam. Here she juggles two small children and a career as an art director. We’re absolutely crazy about Lauriane’s brilliant style, a...

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  • “Sometimes I have no idea what to do!”
    März 20, 2020

    “Sometimes I have no idea what to do!”

    Alongside being a young mum to two school-aged kids, Amalie Nebelong has written for some of Denmark’s biggest fashion magazines. And even though her children’s many collections don’t always mesh with Amalie’s love of order and simplicity, she’s an advocate for meditating your way out of the biggest frustrations! 
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  • "I´m in it for love!"
    Januar 19, 2020

    "I´m in it for love!"

    Helena Schütz, mum of two, Art Director, and a valued partner of Nofred and our visual brand. We love her creative and positive mindset as well as her eye for details. To top it off, she is a cool mum, who enjoys the slow pace of the weekends in her beautiful home placed in the Østerbro neighbourhood, Copenhagen. 
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