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Dänisches Design
Dänisches Design


  • Come, Go & Have Fun
    April 7, 2020

    Come, Go & Have Fun

    Welcome Home. Does leaving the home often become a conflict zone for your family?  Let's fill the exit of the home with learning, play and laughter. Yeah!
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  • Fun with homeschooling
    März 30, 2020

    Fun with homeschooling

    Many children like a space to be creative, to play solitaire, or to do their homework. The Mouse School Set is a great chair and table combination to add anywhere in the home for your 6-10-year-old child to be close by you.
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  • Welcome to the family kitchen
    März 21, 2020

    Welcome to the family kitchen

    Family fun in the kitchen + A Free Recipe. As families, we often see the kitchen becoming the heart of the home, and we love the time we spend there.  It is a place where we cook, eat, play, laugh, cry together... and everything in between. 
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