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Dänisches Design
Dänisches Design

We care about our children and our planet!

We created Nofred with the mind-set to teach others about long lasting products and making sure that we do not become a part of a throw-away culture.

If we were to take responsibility and create products at the same time, it would have the following values; less is more, quality, functionality, aesthetics, products that could last for more than one child or even better go through generations.

At Nofred we daily strive towards a more sustainable process. We are working on optimizing our products and make even more sustainable decisions.

We are working on flat packing where it makes good sense, looking into more certifications, recycling possibilities and transport solutions that are best for our environment.

We have far from reached our goals, but every day we are one step closer, making an effort and making a difference.

Welcome on our journey.

We want you to be safe

Safety has always been of utmost importance to us, as we ourselves are parents.

We work closely with the Danish Technological Institute to make sure all our products meet all European safety regulations. Our designs are durable and safe for daily family life.

Our Mouse Series has been tested to meet the strict European Standards for safety for both private homes as well as public spaces.

We use only non-toxic paints and lacquers in our production, as well as complying with the REACH requirements.

Design for every day

Beautifully framing the good childhood. Nofred creates furniture and designs for children that enable a presence and closeness in the modern family.

Every product is made so it is equally appreciated by children and adults and has the ability and quality to blend in with the overall interior of the home – making the children feel welcome in every room.

Because of the timeless design, impeccable quality and superior craftsmanship each piece is created to last for generations supporting a more sustainable culture.