About us

Nofred is a Scandinavian lifestyle brand of iconic, beautiful and playful interiors products for kids. Its roots are in Denmark, where it was initially developed in close collaboration with Danish cabinetmakers. Each product’s design process is threaded through with inspiration from the places its founders Sandra and Signe have travelled to and lived in. With an eye on sustainability, every Nofred piece is about timelessness, quality and superior craftsmanship – designed and made to endure and to be enjoyed for many years. 

Sandra and Signe are mothers, creatives and colleagues. They believe that it’s the little things that make up the bigger picture. 

 Between them they have:

  • Four young children
  • Over 30 years’ experience in fashion, magazines, art direction, photography, product design, graphic design, PR and marketing, and visual merchandising
  • Been inspired by places they’ve lived in and travelled to, including: the UK, the US, Tibet, China, Burma, Mongolia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia
  • Worked for titles and brands such as Cover, Malling Publications, RUM magazine, Egmont, YouMustCreate, Topshop, Sixty and Urban Outfitters.

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