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Autumn in Copenhagen

Fall leaves
With the shape of a large leaf, the Leaf Blanket will remind your child of an oversized Autumn leaf, that has landed in the middle of the living room.
Here, the small child will sit snugly and comfortably with a little book, while you can enjoy the beautiful and puffed-up design, which makes it easy for your child to lug the blanket around the home, depending on where you are.
Leaf Blanket is 110x125 cm and is made from hand sewn organic cotton. It comes in four different beautiful colour schemes.

We want to include the children

A happy life with kids is, in our opinion, a life where we are present with each other. Not necessarily because we are constantly doing activities together, but because we are in the same room. The sense of closeness that your child feels when you are close by is extremely important to us. Therefore, we believe that children’s interior should blend beautifully with the rest of the home décor. Because for the first many years of their lives, your children want to be exactly where you are.

So, when we say that we want to include the kids, we mean it literally; our children’s things should be both beautiful and of high quality, so that we think they are just as natural a part of the home, as the rest of our décor. Our children should feel welcome in all rooms of the house.

Psst… If you feel like taking a nap on the blankets yourself, it’s totally okay. We won’t tell anyone!

Leaf Blanket 95€