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Creating ambiance to the kid room - guide

It is important for your kids to feel safe at night in order for them to get a good nights sleep. A persistent bedtime-routine will help them know how the nights go and can therefor be prepared for what is going to happen at nighttime. And mabye... (hopefully) even look forward to it. 

Night light

Lion is part of the ´Miffy and Friends´collection. Lion is bright yellow like sunshine, the perfect happy addition to your children´s room.
This night light is portable and can be placed on any hard surface. The light is dimmable with 6 steps, making the night light perfect for different uses. It is made from soft silicone, BPA-free, and is more playful and tactile for even the littlest of babies.
It emits a soft light and warm glow and is completely safe for your little ones. Does not heat up even if left on for a long time, so your child can give their friend a hug!

A calming mobile 

Imagine you are looking up into the sky. Gazing at Drifting Clouds hanging above you. Following its elegant movements. Then close your eyes for just a second and see where your thoughts take you.
Perhaps you are suddenly laying in a field of grass, on a warm summer day, watching the clouds pass by in a blue sky?
That is the sort of thing Drifting Clouds can do – take you off on a light, lovely journey.

A cozy rug

Decorate your kid’s bedroom with Miffy, world’s most famous bunny. The Miffy Rug is hand-tufted from 100% New Zealand wool.
A super soft cuddly rug that fits any type of children’s room. The cute and iconic face is made in a higher pile so it lays on top of the rug. A subtle detail that encourages sensitive play. 

5 tips for a good nights sleep

1. Set up a bedtime-routine.
2. Relax before bedtime with a warm bath or a nice snuggle on a cozy rug.
3. Make sure they feel safe. A good night light will help do the trick!
4. Eat the right amount on the right time.
5. Have something they can focus on while falling asleep.