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We all need a house

Your child's toys and figures should also have a home.
A dollhouse your child can play with in the living room near you or in the kid's room.

Use the toys you have

Children have a lot of small animals and figures, who doesn't have a house. The idea with our Harbour House was to design a House for the toys we already had lying around. It is fun for children to change scene, story and play with new figures and animals each day.

Move in

We love our children and all their toys, but sometimes their toys takes up a lot of space in the rest of the home. Harbour House's simple design, is to make a dollhouse that you don´t have to pack away and fits into your home. Even when your children are asleep we believe it's cute to look at :-)
The colour inspiration and name comes from a Harbour in Copenhagen called Nyhavn, with small colourful houses in terrace formation.

Harbour House 85€