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Wall Bug is an all-purpose hanging rack

The perfect coat rack for your child!
No more falling over jackets, bags, or helmets in the hallway.
With our attractive Wall Bug coat rack designed in co-lab with Norwegian Design Studio Anderssen & Voll, tidying up becomes a game, and your child will value having their very own spot to hang things.
Believe it or not, your child is most likely a proper little organiser! Children love systems and order. Sometimes, they just need a little push in the right direction!

“Children seek patterns and repetition. They look for symmetry. They look for objects to mediate their imagination. A wall hook could turn into a flower bud or a wall bug.” 

Designers, Anderssen & Voll

With its mix of practical “arms” to organize your child’s clutter and a chubby, bug-like body, is a good example of what Nofred stands for: functional design and clever details that motivate and stimulates your child to use their endless imagination.

Wall Bug is designed by Norwegian Design Studio Anderssen & Voll for Nofred. And the inspiration for the design comes from Anderssen & Voll’s own playful childhood and their functional approach to design. The playful hook will speak to your child, with its design echoing an exaggerated bug, yet its simple design will meet your aesthetic standards.

The everyday design by Anderssen & Voll (read also about Portal Mirror ) is meant to offer your family a helping hand, whether you use it for hanging jackets, dress-up costumes, jewellery in the children’s room or a bathrobe in the bathroom.

“We believe in promoting presence and togetherness in a modern and fast-paced world, with interior that brings the children into the family room” 

Co-founder, Signe Holst

“Wall Bug will fill a valuable function in your daily life, as well as helping your child develop organisational skills” 

Co-founder, Signe Holst

Wall Bug 55€