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Kids Hooks

by Nofred

Wall Hooks for Kids

The children's wall hook are not only practical, but also provide in a decorative and cute way for a lot of fun in the children's room or hallway. 

Are you tired of having small jackets, caps and hats thrown all over the floor? Hang it! It invites the child to be more independent every day, and hang their outdoor clothing in the hallway or prepare their fancy dress, jewelry and masks in the children's room for the next day’s adventures. 

  • Hang your child’s bag, jacket, scarf and helmet on one „multi-hook“ with six pegs.
  • Make your child more independent in everyday life with a personal multi-hook at their height.
  • Use the Wall Bug in the hallway, bathroom or children’s room by itself or in a group.
  • These cute wooden hooks will undoubtedly spread joy in your kids’ rooms. 

Decorate your child's bedroom, nursery or your hallway with our multi function wall hook. Place it on the wall at a low height so children can hang up their own little hats, coats and scarves. Not only are they practical, when they are not in use they look adorable on the wall. 

The hooks can be used individually or arranged into a row by combining both the rabbit and bear hooks or just one animal, it's completely up to you!

Wall Bug comes in four colours Ash, White, Grey and Black and is an excellent choice for your child and your own internal interior designer.

Designed by / Anderssen & Voll


WEIGHT 0,22 kg

MATERIAL Ash wood with matt PU lacquer


CARE Clean with dry or moist cloth. Do not use any abrasive cleaning tools.