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Q&A with Copenhagen based mom of two boys @stephaniebachh.

WHO: Stephanie Bach, 33 years old, MSc(Econ.) in Communications Management, works freelance with photography and marketing, and is the co-owner of Belle-Soeur.
CHILDREN: Walter, 4 years old, Holger, 2 years old
HOME: Østerbro in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Q: The perfect Sunday scenario with two small children?

A: Both boys sleep until 7:30. My husband has been at the bakery with Walter and made a breakfast table. The rest of the morning is spent on the playground. Lunch and afternoon nap for Holger in the garden with the family, followed by a Sunday roast.

Q: The hardest part about having two children?

A: The lack of sleep and nights with the kids, when they wake up several times. You are available 24/7, and we have learned, that the fact that the boys are born close to each other doesn’t make it easier. It’s been damn hard for the first two years!

Q: What is the best thing about having two children?

A: Watching them interact. For example, when Walter asks Holger “do you wanna hold hands?” And then they grab each other’s tiny hands. In that moment, all exhaustion disappears!

Q: Is it demanding making all the kiddie-thingamajigs part of the home décor?

A: I try, as far as possible, to integrate their things in our home décor. But I don’t always compromise. If it is something that cannot be put away, then I want to be able to enjoy looking at it.

Q: What is your favourite Nofred product?

A: Mouse Bench in Oak. That was the first piece of furniture I bought, when I found out we were having a little brother. I couldn’t resist the thought of both of my boys sitting there, next to each other.

Q: Do you clean up every night, or do you embrace the children’s mess?

A: The boys drag cars, animals, and all sorts of things around with them inside the entire apartment, so we have to tidy up every evening! But I still think it’s messy.

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