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The new family member - Twirly Lamp!

Create a cosy oasis indoors for you and your child with the first lamp created by Nofred. And like the rest of our interior products, we have centered the design, so that you will also want to seek it’s light for quiet moments with your child.

Make your own mark

Twirly Lamp is a beautiful white lamp composed of simple, soft lines that seem to float. It fills the playroom with an inviting light under which to play and the accompanying moon- and starshaped magnets allow your child to add personal touches to the lamp.
Maybe with little paperclips or a cute birthday invitation?

A robust choice

With a frame of hardened steel and a silicone shade, our is a sturdy lamp, easy to clean with a damp or dry cloth. It looks like a classic designer lamp, but closer inspection reveals innovative details in the choice of materials and the included magnets.

"Children can interact with the lamp and easily move the moon and stars around to create a personal object to help them fall asleep or play a part of an elaborate game, within the walls of their room."

Co-Founder & Designer, Sandra Kaas Greve

5 facts

1. Classic design with clever details, such as a black fabric-covered cable.
2. A silicone shade that allows the lamp to be used around children. 3. Easy to clean with a cloth.6 accompanying magnets (1 moon and 5 stars).
4. A soft and inviting light for play.Designed to "grow" with the child.
5. Keep the stars for the children's room and remove them for a pure design feeling, when they get older.

"The white silicone overlay gives softness but also durability, so the children safely can play with and around Twirly Lamp."

Co-Founder & Designer, Sandra Kaas Greve

Twirly Lamp 175€